Stripes and Pleats


Hello people, I'm back again and today I'm back with another collaboration with Wanger Ayu and her incredible designs. Can you see those culottes and the pleated detail? Yup got me fan-girling so hard. I've never ever been a fan of culottes because i thought they looked weird on me but these ones were too nice and they fit perfectly.

On the other hand, for the past month I've been learning how to sew and design my own clothes (a skill in which i have gotten obsessed with). The top i'm wearing was one of the first ones I made and I couldn't stop making them after. The photos were taken by the Fabulous Banji and ill put his details below. Hope you like... Talk soon xxxxx

TOP - Sango by X @xenniatofficial
Culottes - Wanger Ayu @wangerayu
Shoes - Kurt Geiger 
Photos - @fab_banji

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